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Dedicated and charismatic members include Leandro (vocalist) and Ricky Garvey (lead guitarist), Sterling Fairfield (percussionist) and Jesse Briseno (bassist)

A breath of fresh air, Castle Pines is four piece rock outfit from California. An engaging group who are known in their local and surrounding areas for electrifying and emotional live performances. The band defies all others with a versatile palette that passionately conveys a spectrum of emotions through the medium of their music. Crafting songs that are authentic and catchy, yet musically complex and profound, Castle Pines reflects the generation of Rock and Alternative. They cultivate emotionally driven music with integrity and passion.


Forming the band out of the angst of losing his families home in the 2008 housing market crash, Leandro Barrientos and Sterling Fairfield decided on writing music to create a new home. Castle Pines Way the street where the now homeless Leandro used to live became the name of the band and the fuel that pushed the music.
Having all met while living at the “Castle Pines” house and picking up their respective instruments there, they formed the band as remembrance and tribute to a time that had already passed them. 

Vocals, Guitar / Leandro Barrientos
Drums / Sterling Fairfield
Bass / Jesse Briseno
Lead Guitar, backup Vox / Ricky Garvey




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by Castle Pines

“A visceral, high-energy, rock journey through the television set and media consumption with catchy and poignant lyrics about what apathy and self responsibility means in the age of unlimited information.”- from CDBaby publishing partners site. 


    Hollow Cause marks the return of Indie-Alt Rock Veterans Castle Pines, after a 2 year hiatus from music releases.  The song grabs the listener in a driving and abrupt guitar line that harkens back to early 90’s shoe-gaze and grunge with the accessibility and straight forwardness only Castle Pines can convey.  The music is a landscape of shrill and echoing rhythmic patterns that create a “setting-sun” backdrop to a lost generation caught amidst the “in between”.  A generation of wandering and scattered lives that met tragedy and heartbreak head on with the chaotic benchmarks of 9/11, Columbine, the Iraq War, the great Recession, and the revolution of the internet and social media.  The crescendo of the bands playing is a roller coaster of sound that soars through subtle melody and aggressive exhortation.  Hollow Cause is the first single from Castle Pines in 2016, and it stands as a testament to the bands own musical path and work with intertwining time signatures and pulsing playing.   

    Lyrically, Hollow Cause moves between pensive self examination in a narrative that is told through the collective thoughts of the world.  The lines “I’m alone in Everything” and “How do you feel” give the, seemingly, insurmountable feelings of apathy and indifference a sense of hope in the bleakness that individuals may face.  Hollow Cause is indeed a play on words, recollecting back to the historical events of World War II and the “Holocaust”, the title is a literal juxtaposition scheme between the evils of apartheid and the collective human experience of feeling alone and helpless to do anything.  Hollow Cause is a commentary on personal responsibility and the indemnification society partakes in, as a majority, when tragedy and calamity occur.  Hollow Cause by Castle Pines demonstrates a sound and songwriting style that is mature, thoughtful and seeking meaning through the questions the recording itself employ.