Castle Pines: You're so Scene

    I remember when I opened up the age worn, black case.  The inside was a bright 70’s orange, fluffy like a Brady Bunch shag carpet, it smelled old, musty and moth nibbled with a tinge of cedar or mahogany.  It was my moms Fender 6 string , Nylon Classical guitar and it laid in our attic for over a decade along with pages of 90’s Worship chord charts for Sunday service.    

    My friend Kevin had an Ibanez steal string, and Freshmen year of high school he played Green Day and Nirvana riffs and a couple chords and he had captivated the pubescent minds with rock grandeur for anyone within earshot. 

    I wanted to learn this thing, it was hard as hell, my fingers hurt, it didn't sound good and it was frustrating as hell.  But something inside me drove me to dig deeper and push, and pretty soon I could read tabs and get through songs I heard on KROQ.

    I had no idea that this aging piece of wood, tuning knobs and frayed strings would save my life when I was living out of my car, facing court cases, living aimless and homeless in a California suburb.  

    That is the magic that drove me to form a band called Castle Pines with my friend Sterling, and although we didn’t have a lot of money or stable lives, we found some sort of comfort and sense of home inside of this sonic world we created.  

    Our music, It was an old friend waiting in the attic to be played with, it was the comfort of something familiar but new.  

    This magic, this indiscernible feeling is what I feel is lacking in the music community online. I mean, we tried for years to build a “scene” in our hometown of Corona, CA and we feel that music is in the hearts of those that we were able to come in contact, but this digital frontier lacks.  The internet lacks the sentimentality, the organic engagement and authenticity of a sweaty, crowded and shitty dive bar.  It has become the very popularity contest from high school that we tried so desperately to escape with our drums and guitars.  

    So we are asking our community, our friends, our online family, lets change this.  Lets strive to build a better community, one of support and accountability that pushes the art forward rather than stifle it with glitz and glamour.  There will be detractors, those that just don’t like your music, don’t “get it”, or just plain “haterz” haha.  

    But for that one kid, that one person that has nothing left, at the end of their rope, reeling from despair and loss, sometimes that one song can change their life.  Music is important, it is more important than we give it credit for, our deepest and most profound memories are often tied to a song, or an album.  I can’t listen to Vampire Weekend or Sea Wolf without thinking about the winter I broke up with my first girlfriend and how those bands were the only thing that I looked forward to. 

    This post isn't to bash, talk down or dismiss any of the music or art being put out into the internet stratosphere, this is a post to encourage those creators and music makers that need it.  That extra push, or fire under your ass to let you know your a badass and you are original and there is no one like you and keep pushing.  

    So I want to build a scene, a community whatever you want to call it, but it needs to start with the artists supporting and sharing each other.  All great music movements came out of the spirit of collaboration: disenfranchised Blacks in New Orleans working with poor Immigrants in the shit parts of town to create Jazz or drug slinging teens MC’ing and dancing in front of Bodegas with a boombox in Brooklyn in the 80’s.  This is how it works, this is how we push the art form forward, by working together.  A healthy sense of balance between amicable competition and support from each other.   

I want to help, I want to grow, and I want to see a vibrant and positive generation of art delvers, beat makers, scratchy voiced punks, foul mouthed singers, and newcomers.  

    Share your music below, share your page, your beats, your lo-fi phone recordings, whatever it is you have, and you made it, share it.  This is not a competition, this is a movement, stop comparing and start collaborating.   

    Castle Pines will be releasing our new album very soon, in the meantime we are excited to hear all of your beautiful sounds.  

Stay hungry, stay up and remember that CP is for life homies. 

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