"Por Vida"


The name of our Album::

We have been doing this thing for close to a decade. Through homelessness, arrests, fights, family, growing, medical issues, and all the facets of life in general.  It is a constant climb, we have gained insight over the years but we still strive for the best possible art we can put out there. Through all of this, changing fads and trends, tastes, years and just the droll churning of time, we have seen it all. And this upcoming album is a comment on this, sometimes arduous and painful, process of time.  No matter what crazy circumstance we went through, the most recent being the medical issues and scares of our own #drummer, we had each other. We had our support, the people that cheered for us from the sidelines while we were trying to figure it out.  This album is a testament to our perseverance and an undying belief that this is forever, art and Music is eternal, the only thing that lives on past the short breath and confines of life. 

Por Vida in #Spanish means “For Life” and it became a motto, slogan and mantra for the band when things got hard. 

It means whatever you are faced with, do it with all of your power and life.  It means that you must be committed to your disciplines for life.  It means have heart, integrity and a power beyond yourself to conquer the present plight. 

It is this reason our upcoming album is named after this philosophy. 

Our new album is called 


“Por Vida” 


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For Life

For Life