That song you hear as a kid:

The first time I heard their noise emanating from an overly compressed headphone speaker, i knew their was something stirring in me. 

I couldn't quite put it into words... There was this thick backbeat, heavy, fuzzy guitar plucked away into some invisible reverberant cavern, and a man speaking nonsense and screaming guttural shrieks to me.  I was 16, and it was 2003, so I got my music from illegal downloads or from the archaic, phosphorescent glow of a strip-mall record store. 

This band was called "Pixies".  And they changed my life, without being the hyperbolic cliche "music changed my life" culprit, Pixies did something to me when I was an angsty, moody little shit head. I am still trying to figure that one out, what it is they spoke so profoundly to me that made me want to pick up a guitar and scream.  It's just damn good music. Period.

So today, March 21st 2018, is the 30 year anniversary of the Pixies' landmark album "Surfer Rosa". To commemorate them we are sharing the only audio of the only cover song we have ever done as a band, "Where is My Mind?"

Thank you Pixies

"un chien andalusia"