Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease

My symptoms were going away and I was able to eat. The only problem was I had a slight fever, so the Doctor wouldn’t release me. I was really mad and threatened to just rip the lines out and leave. Good thing I didn’t. The next night is when it all went down.

That song you hear as a kid:

That song you hear as a kid:

This band was called "Pixies".  And they changed my life, without being the hyperbolic cliche "music changed my life" culprit, Pixies did something to me when I was an angsty, moody little shit head.

Chapter 1: Cassiopeia- sneak peek:


   “That’s exactly what Paco said to Harvey when both him and Harvey landed on the planet of Mandoloids.  Tired and angry at one another.  Being a bunch of assholes.”

Moony looked off at the wispy heat of clouds rising into evaporated nothing.  

     “Harvey and Paco had been in that junk heap of a space ship for the better half of 7 months, floating around out there in the Cassiopeia constellation system.  Lots of big bright super nova’s and swirling and quiet space dust and they were stuck in this greasy sail ship of the sky.”  

A wiry and subtle smile started to take shape at the right side of Carls mouth,

   “They were flying out there?  They were flying out there in outer space huh?  Moon?  They were making dinners in the spaceship?”

Moony smiled with the bottle in his mouth and spilled cheap, bottom shelf whiskey on his chest.  

     “Hell yeah they were making all kinds of food on that spaceship, thats why it was so greasy.  The both of them were on a mission, but the space council made sure they could eat all the things they liked.  Plenty of helpings of canned beans and sauce and freeze dried pork bits and crispy plantain chips and banana mush.  They had onions and potatoes and Paco would cook one night and Harvey would take kitchen duties, they ate really well, probably better than they would eat here on earth.”

Carls smirking mouth changed from a half built smile to him licking his lips,

       “They eatin’ bananas and fried pork?” 

       “Not just that, they had 9 barrels of flour and oil so they could make tortillas and breads and they were eating a finer way than any of the kings and presidents and emperors here.”  Harvey finished the last 2 sips of his whiskey, 

        “They had to eat well on the count of them searching for the Mandoloids and the bomb they were making.  Harvey needed at least 8 hours of sleep and Paco couldn’t disarm a thing if he wasn’t eating good, wholesome meals.”