Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease

My symptoms were going away and I was able to eat. The only problem was I had a slight fever, so the Doctor wouldn’t release me. I was really mad and threatened to just rip the lines out and leave. Good thing I didn’t. The next night is when it all went down.

That song you hear as a kid:

That song you hear as a kid:

This band was called "Pixies".  And they changed my life, without being the hyperbolic cliche "music changed my life" culprit, Pixies did something to me when I was an angsty, moody little shit head.

The Circle City

Watching all the people I grew up beside
Fade away into something they don't recognize

this city was built for the lonely to run and hide
We gave up our dreams you can see it in our eyes.

and every mornin’ we wonder whats beyond
A circle city and ramshackle town

I got to break free from the drunks and vagabonds

escaping the weight of the fate that holds me down

darling i see the spark of life in you
do you remember the what your mother said?

“promise me this, beware everything you do
if your not careful you’ll wind up dead”

in the ground of a town that don't give a damn

it don't play favorites or on your team
we’re gonna break free from this boring land

even if its only in our dreams.