Bands and Brands

A “band” is one letter away from “Brand”.
I struggled with this one for a long time, a mantra that I told myself when dealing with the difference between the integrity of the so-called “art” and the commerce, the sale, the business of it.  
Our industry is volatile. It’s brutal and unforgiving. The hours and years of anguish honing your craft, pouring yourself into songs, not forgetting the immeasurable amount of time it takes to put a microphone up to a guitar amp to track and record those songs or the mixing, tweaking and finally mastering. The countless minutes of publishing, putting your music up on platforms, blind emailing blogs, radio stations and tastemakers, do they have any concept of how much it takes to fix a sonic idea into a fixed audio medium? Do they only look for what will sell? Am I good enough? Does anyone even care? Do I care?
These scenarios are an infinitesimally small analysis of the arduous thought process musicians and creators undergo at any given time of the day.  
Have heart, have hope. Don’t look at others and compare. Root for those that have figured it out. Build this community up, don’t tear each other down. The same social disenfranchisement that a lot of musicians faced when they turned to a guitar or music for the first time is the same thing that pushes others away when we are dealing with the independent community. Be excited about others success’s and learn from pitfalls and failures. This is a marathon not a sprint.  
Your Band is your Brand. What are you saying without any words? Who are you trying to be and who are you really? I used to rely heavily on”vanity analytics” or the social media shit that doesn't really matter. “oh they got so many plays and likes” or “man they just started and they already have more followers and are on tour.”  
If all of our journeys were exactly the same, what a bleak and boring creative world we would be saturated with. Social media, like all other tools are meant to engage the people that matter to you, don’t let the noise affect the way you use. Build your Brand. If some one were to ask you who you were, in a sentence, 20 words or less would you be able to give the heart of your music and mission?
Is it raucous frivolity and fun? Is it heartfelt and emotive longing for the past? What is it? Who are you?
In the end the music speaks for itself I suppose, but with so much noise its sometimes hard to hear what some amazing musicians are whispering in the hum.  
I wrote this, in a way, to encourage our community. To say “have faith and heart”. Push onward and work. And I also wrote this in a way to encourage myself, to have faith and to push onward. It’s a changing social and technological environment that we walk in, we have moved the dynamics of how we consume media and music.  
At the end of the day, the message of the music still functions the same way it has since the art was first recognized and codified. It moves us. Music makes us better, so be better for it. Have a great day everyone, and lets work. 

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Let’s build each other up and make this community great.
Love ya’ll and remember. CP is for Life. 
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