All the Hard Ways EP by Ricky Garvey

All the Hard Ways EP by Ricky Garvey

Ricky Garvey

Ricky Garvey has been an active musician, composer, arranger, guitarist, lyricist and vocalist in the Southern California music circuit since the early 2000's.  Known for his eclectic style of blending live guitar with delay, reverb and processing effects on a loop and his unique brand of playing, Ricky became the lead guitarist of Castle Pines in the Summer of 2015.  


All The Hard Ways is a 4 song EP of ethereal, hypnotic and thoughtfully emotive songwriting that scathes the sonic landscape with an earnest and driving reach. 

CP Por Vida Music Publishing is proud to release his album on all major platforms. 

Ricky is currently writing and recording his sophomore album.  Stay Tuned.