All the Hard Ways EP by Ricky Garvey

All the Hard Ways EP by Ricky Garvey

Ricky Garvey

Ricky Garvey has been an active musician, composer, arranger, guitarist, lyricist and vocalist in the Southern California music circuit since the early 2000's.  Known for his eclectic style of blending live guitar with delay, reverb and processing effects on a loop and his unique brand of playing, Ricky became the lead guitarist of Castle Pines in the Summer of 2015.  


All The Hard Ways is a 4 song EP of ethereal, hypnotic and thoughtfully emotive songwriting that scathes the sonic landscape with an earnest and driving reach. 

CP Por Vida Music Publishing is proud to release his album on all major platforms. 

Ricky is currently writing and recording his sophomore album.  Stay Tuned. 


Greg Hill

Greg Hill

Greg Hill

Actor, songwriter, traveler, filmmaker and father, Gregory Hill has been in the creative community for over 2 decades.  

As a burgeoning actor living in Los Angeles, Greg landed a major role in the Feature film "Operation Finale" starring Ben Kingsley and Oscar Isaac due out in Fall of 2018 for world wide theatrical release by MGM Studios.

His debut album "Naive Love and Innocence" is an intimate, stripped down portrait of the turbulence and tribulation of Gregs personal life, hearkening its, sometimes devastating detail to the canonical poets of the American Songbook.  There is a whimsical yet grave honesty within his craft, being both accessible and playful at times, all while maintaining the gravity of the hardest lessons one must endure in life.  

Greg is currently working on a second album and is scoring the music for his upcoming film in which he will
write, direct and produce.  

His music is available for stream and download on
all major platforms.  

CP Por Vida Music Publishing is honored to represent
and have this rising artist on its roster.



"Na" by Jericho Salt out on Friday April 20th, 2018

"Na" by Jericho Salt out on Friday April 20th, 2018

Jericho Salt

Born September 3rd 1985 in Riverside, California and raised in a then rural Corona, California by his grandparents. Trained first in piano from such and early age he knows not the specific date. His first guitar was received at the age of 11 from it's great grandfather and it was received with great reverence. At the age of 14 he was enrolled into the Fender guitars "kids rock free" program and attended said program for 4 years, essentially his entire high school career. From that point on he went from band to band, writing music with influences ranging from Tom Waits and Elliot Smith to Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead. As of 2018 he has embarked upon his own solo campaign.




Debut album and single by Jericho Salt Video filmed and edited by Oscar Venegas CP Por Vida Music Publishing 2018

Dakil is a modern, blues-inspired pop artist from Southern California. Whether he is performing with a full band or live looping hypnotic layers of melodies and beats from scratch in real time, Dakil’s music can captivate an audience of any size by striking a unique combination between both mysterious and totally relatable.

Inspired by his observations and experiences, Dakil’s songwriting varies from the emotionally charged dark blues in “Far from Grey” to the brute wit in “Never Trust a Scorpio,” an upbeat pop song that playfully mocks the stereotypes associated with Astrology, while showcasing a rare ability to insult every person in the room within the span of four minutes. He doesn’t hesitate to cross genres, switching confidently from pop to rap while maintaining a magnetic charisma through his distinctive voice, conversational lyrics, prolific guitar skills, and trademark unpredictability.

Dakil draws inspiration from artists such as John Mayer, Two Door Cinema Club, St. Lucia, Frank Ocean, D’angelo, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, N.W.A., The Strokes, Fall Out Boy, ABBA, America, Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Katy Perry and many more…

Aside from his music, Dakil earned his Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Spanish from the University of California, Los Angeles. Since graduating, he has been on the go, traveling Europe with his guitar. He is currently recording is debut album “Out of Nowhere” in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain. “Out of Nowhere” will be released to all major online platforms in a series of monthly two-song pairings starting this Spring 2018 and culminating in the long-awaited Summer 2018 official release.

ayyuh j

Ayyuh J is a musical duo hailing from Southern California comprised of pax and Redbeard. pax provides the majority of vocals in the group while Redbeard makes up for the production side, although both are known to switch roles from time to time. Life long friends, the two met in pre school however didn’t begin writing music together until junior high, after writing and recording diss tracks aimed at each other. They have a hard time labeling exactly what genre their music falls under, and prefer to stay open to experimenting with all forms and aspects of music.