In the Hospital:



    I haven’t gotten around to making this post because 1. I didn't want to and 2. I didn't believe it was happening and 3. I was resentful because it was happening.  


    On August 16th, 2017 Sterling was admitted to an intensive care unit in Orange County, California, near the same hospital he was born in.  

For the last 4 weeks he has undergone numerous surgeries and procedures to save his life.  He was dying.  


    On August 20th, the whole band went down to his hospital room, his family and girlfriend had been at his side ceaselessly and had cared for him without relent.  


    On the eve of August 23rd, Sterling was rushed into emergency surgery.  


    As of this date, Sterling has had another emergency surgery on August 25th. 


    I am not going to use the same tired tropes utilized by the vast majority of social media to talk about this. I am not going to say “Sterling is literally the best guy I know, please pray for him!”

    I am not going to deface the authenticity of his friendship by some tired bullshit.  

I am going to sit here and tell you like it fucking is.  

My best friend is sick as a dog.  He has almost died multiple times, he has had his colon removed and doctors are still trying to bring him back to life.    


    I am not going to sugar coat this because I know Sterling like a brother, and he never has, nor ever will make shit seem better than it is.  He is the brutal realist that is much needed in my life, because he balances my bullshit idealism out and tells me how it is.  At the same time I could always use my farfetched idealism to convince Sterling and the rest of the band that we should record our songs.  


    So here we are. A temporal splaying of the discography and times of our band while an integral part of this whole is recovering from trauma in the hospital.  


    Our next album is done.  Written and ready to record and share. 

But that is not what we care about. This band has always been a couple of friends that agree on some shit, laugh at a lot of shit, and talk shit on all of it.  

    Because this band, Castle Pines, is a group of friends that rely on each other, we would rather have the parts that make the whole be healthy than be a fallacy. 


    We don’t apologize, for not releasing a new album, for not keeping up with the bullshit, for not appeasing the stuff that doesn't matter. 


    At the end of our lives, the people that matter to us are the ones we know by name and can see when we are playing these songs. 


    Our main concern is the recovery to health of our brother Sterling. 

    Castle Pines is Sterling Fairfield. Castle Pines is Jesse Briseño Castle Pines is Ricky Garvey. Castle Pines is Leandro Barrientos.



And as always, please remember that

#CP is forever


Chapter 1: Cassiopeia- sneak peek:


   “That’s exactly what Paco said to Harvey when both him and Harvey landed on the planet of Mandoloids.  Tired and angry at one another.  Being a bunch of assholes.”

Moony looked off at the wispy heat of clouds rising into evaporated nothing.  

     “Harvey and Paco had been in that junk heap of a space ship for the better half of 7 months, floating around out there in the Cassiopeia constellation system.  Lots of big bright super nova’s and swirling and quiet space dust and they were stuck in this greasy sail ship of the sky.”  

A wiry and subtle smile started to take shape at the right side of Carls mouth,

   “They were flying out there?  They were flying out there in outer space huh?  Moon?  They were making dinners in the spaceship?”

Moony smiled with the bottle in his mouth and spilled cheap, bottom shelf whiskey on his chest.  

     “Hell yeah they were making all kinds of food on that spaceship, thats why it was so greasy.  The both of them were on a mission, but the space council made sure they could eat all the things they liked.  Plenty of helpings of canned beans and sauce and freeze dried pork bits and crispy plantain chips and banana mush.  They had onions and potatoes and Paco would cook one night and Harvey would take kitchen duties, they ate really well, probably better than they would eat here on earth.”

Carls smirking mouth changed from a half built smile to him licking his lips,

       “They eatin’ bananas and fried pork?” 

       “Not just that, they had 9 barrels of flour and oil so they could make tortillas and breads and they were eating a finer way than any of the kings and presidents and emperors here.”  Harvey finished the last 2 sips of his whiskey, 

        “They had to eat well on the count of them searching for the Mandoloids and the bomb they were making.  Harvey needed at least 8 hours of sleep and Paco couldn’t disarm a thing if he wasn’t eating good, wholesome meals.”


The Circle City

Watching all the people I grew up beside
Fade away into something they don't recognize

this city was built for the lonely to run and hide
We gave up our dreams you can see it in our eyes.

and every mornin’ we wonder whats beyond
A circle city and ramshackle town

I got to break free from the drunks and vagabonds

escaping the weight of the fate that holds me down

darling i see the spark of life in you
do you remember the what your mother said?

“promise me this, beware everything you do
if your not careful you’ll wind up dead”

in the ground of a town that don't give a damn

it don't play favorites or on your team
we’re gonna break free from this boring land

even if its only in our dreams.